Highland Enduro Club BEC

John Little Memorial Lossiemouth Enduro

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Round 1 and 2 of the ACU British Timecard Enduro Championship.

8th & 9th April 2023

ACU Permit No. ACU 200430

Location – Lossiemouth Forest &  Binn Hill, Near Elgin.

£200 + £15 If one event licence required. £100 for single day.

A National Enduro for solo machines to be held under the National Sporting code of the ACU, the 2023 Standing Enduro Regulations, the following Supplementary Regulations and any final Instructions which may be issued. This event will be Round 1 and 2 of the ACU British Timecard Enduro Championship – regulations for the Championship will apply.

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We’ll only be accepting online entries One Event Licences are available, Paid online only, at time of entering.

Supplementary Regulations

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Event: John Little Memorial Lossiemouth Enduro

Organisers: Highland Enduro Club

Venue: Lossiemouth Forest & Binn Hill, Near Elgin

Date of Event: 8th/ 9th April 2023

Permit No: ACU       TBC

Highland Enduro Club will hold a National Time Card Enduro event for solo motorcycles, held under the National Sporting Code of the Auto-Cycle Union, the Enduro Standing Regulations (ESRs), these Supplementary Regulations, the ACU British Enduro Championship regulations and any Final Instructions that may be issued for the meeting. The ACU National Sporting Code and Standing Regulations are published annually on the ACU website.

The event is Round 1 and 2 of the 2023 ACU British Timecard Enduro Championship.


Secretary of the Meeting: Caroline Thomson Lic: TBC – carolinethomsonlxii@gmail.com

Clerk of the Course: Jim Mair Lic: TBC

Assistant Clerk of the Course: Craig MacKay Lic: TBC

Chief Marshall: Kevin Gauld

Machine Examiner: Alan Davidson and Richie Finnie

ACU Steward: Mick Seward Lic: 82086

Timing Official: Alistair Spowart

Centre Steward: Charles MacKenzie



All riders must be members of a National Club and hold a current ACU or SACU competition licence. Any other riders, including Irish participants must obtain personal accident insurance, produce a licence issued by their FMN and a start permission letter confirming they are licensed and have personal accident insurance. Proof of club membership and Competition licences will be required at signing on. One Event Licences, if required cost £15 this must be paid in advance along with the entry fee.

Entries are interrogated and the top 15 in each class in the championship standings from season 22, are given priority and placed on the entry list. The remainder of entries are placed into a ballot and once the ballot has taken place all entrants are informed of their status, (entered or reserve). Those on reserve list may withdraw and have entry fee returned or remain on list to fill entries from any subsequent withdrawals. Any rider not gaining a place due to the process will have their full entry fee returned

Registration to score series points.

In order to score points and retain a rider number for the series, a rider must hold 2023 enduro licence and register via the ACU online entry system for a fee of £20. Riders are required to register by 9am 8th April.


The insurance cover for this event will be ACU Premier.


Lossiemouth Forest & Binn Hill, Near Elgin.

Parking and Start at Newton of Innes and will be signed from the A96 junction for Llanbryde (3 miles east of Elgin).

Postcode and annotated map will be provided in final instructions.


First Rider away at 10.00am Saturday. 9:30 am Sunday

The start order will be as follows Championship, Championship Junior, Championship Youth, Expert, Clubman, Clubman Youth, Veteran over 40, Veteran over 50

Please ensure correct class, subclass and stroke are on the entry form. (Championship & Expert class riders will start in order of the position they held in the current standings). There is no Parc Ferme at the event, but riders are required to place their machines in the start zone (adjacent to the service area) 15 minutes prior to their start time. Machines must be pushed to the control and not started before your allotted minute.

Check Times will be Placed on a Board at Event Control


Entries for the event will be charged at £200 for Two Days with a maximum of 160 entries, and £100 for a single day.

All potential entrants MUST hold a valid annual 2023 SACU or ACU Enduro licence, One Event licences are available at an extra cost of £15. Entries to this event will only be available online via www.elrat.co.uk/BEC

Entries open on Wednesday February 1st 2023.

All entries will be accepted and acknowledged but not confirmed.

For the first week, entries are interrogated and the overall top 15 in each class in the 2022 championship standings are given priority and placed on the entry list

If oversubscribed entries will close Wednesday February 8st 2023.

If the event is not oversubscribed in the first week, entries shall be allocated upon receipt and close when full

with a final closing date of Tuesday 28th February 2023.

Where the event is oversubscribed in the first week and priority has been given to top riders in standings, the remainder of entries are placed into a ballot and once the ballot has taken place, Entrants are informed of their entry status, (entered or on reserve list) those on reserve list may withdraw or remain on reserve list to fill up entries from withdrawals. Reserve list placing will be in ballot order however placings will not be disclosed.

Any rider withdrawn or not selected in the ballot will have their full entry fee refunded after event takes place. Wildcards may be allowed at ACU T&E Committee discretion.

Entry fees will not be returned unless the event is cancelled, or a valid doctor’s certificate is provided. In both cases a £25.00 deduction will be kept for administration purposes. Any cancelations after 4th March will not receive a refund. Highland Enduro Club reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation.


Final instructions will be emailed to riders. Please check for emails from carolinethomsonlxii@gmail.com – Secretary of the event.


The course will be marked by tape and arrows. Marshals’ instructions must be complied with including stopping if requested. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.

There will be 2 special tests per lap. The tests will be available for inspection from 11:00am on the 7th. April. They will be sign posted from the start finish area and will only be accessed by foot or bicycle, the furthest distance being approx. two miles form start finish.

There will be no vehicular access beyond the FLS public car park in Lossie forest.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the test by foot, bicycle or UK spec peddled E bike ONLY, NO Surrons, Bultacos Brincos Electric scooters, or similar, will be tolerated, failure to comply will result in exclusion.

Out riders are not permitted on the course and action will be taken against any unauthorised bikes.


Spectators are welcome to the event, provided that they comply with all instructions set out in these supplementary regulations, the Final Instructions and printed programme. Spectators will observe notices/ signs highlighting safe viewing areas and the instructions of officials should be heeded at all times.

CLASSES (see BEC Championship Regulations on ACU website for eligibility)

  1. Championship
  2. Championship Junior
  3. Championship Youth
  4. Expert
  5. Clubman
  6. Clubman Youth
  7. Veteran over 40
  8. Veteran over 50

Capacity Groups.

There will be 4 capacity groups within the Championship, Expert and Clubman classes

E125 – Up to 125cc 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke – Championship Youth Only
E1 – Up to 250cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke
E2 – From 255cc to 450cc 4 stroke

E3 – Over 255cc 2 stroke and over 455cc 4 stroke

Over 40, Over 50 will be OPEN capacity

Note: Women are to enter any of the above classes, Women’s BEC points will be picked from the events results.


Timing will be via timecard for the checks and electronic to 1/100th of a second at special tests. You will be provided a transponder at signing on in return for a bond of either £20, a current Credit/Debit card, or Drivers Licence. Failure to return your transponder by the end of the event will result in your bond being held until an invoice for the full cost of a replacement transponder of £100.00 is paid.

The ACU reserve the right to put any rider on the ‘Stop List’ for non-payment of fines.

Live timing will be available for crews to view on phones, a link will be found in the programme and at sign on.


Riders must sign on first before presenting machines for examination. From 1:00am to 18:00pm on the 7th April. Any riders who cannot sign on at this time must arrange with the organisers in advance (Caroline -carolinethomsonlxii@gmail.com) to sign on and scrutineer before 8:30am on the 8th April. And will incur penalty as in ACU handbook


Riders must present their machines for examination on Friday 7th April between 1:00am and 18:00pm. Any rider who is unable to present their machine at this time must arrange with Caroline Thomson in advance to scrutineer their machine on the 8th April before 8:30am. Only a very limited number of machines will be allowed to scrutineer on the 8th. April and will be subject to 20 penalty points as per ACU regulations.

Sound. A noise test will be carried out on all machines at machine examination. In accordance with ESR.

Tyres Front and Rear – Enduro type – to FIM specification road legal. No MX tires allowed.

Rider Numbers Riders must provide their own numbers and backgrounds. Riders must ensure there is space to attach a sticker including the Series Sponsor’s logo, which will be supplied at signing on.


Environmental Mats Must be used whilst refuelling machines (ESR 32 and 33)

Each Service crew should have a fire extinguisher, in addition organisers should supply a fire extinguisher at each service point. (ESR 32)

Blue Tape –any part of the route marked by Blue Tape is considered a restricted speed area and competitors must travel at walking pace or less in these area (ESR 23)


Competitors must be aware that the security of their machines and other property remains their responsibility at all times.


The organisers reserve the right to exclude, disqualify or apply a penalty of their discretion to any rider whose actions are unsportsmanlike, or may bring the sport into disrepute, as per the ACU National Sporting Code. In any such cases a meeting shall be convened of the stewards to make an appropriate judgement.


The Secretary of the Meeting is the contact for all Child Protection matters.


  • The refuelling points, approach to the time control check, public right of way crossings and some other areas will be marked with blue tape. Riders must adhere to walking pace and failure to comply with instructions at such points will incur immediate disqualification.
  • Smoking within the re-fuelling areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Abuse from either rider or supporter / Crew to any officials will not be tolerated and may lead to exclusion from the event with the matter being reported to the ACU for further action.
  • Rider’s classes will not be altered once they have signed on for the event. 
  • The use of scooters, mini-bikes, paddock bikes etc is not permitted in start/finish area, re-fuelling areas or special tests. Highland Enduro Club may exclude any rider linked to supporters / crew ignoring this rule.
  • Agricultural land is being used, so please do not litter, and the use of rip off goggle lenses is not permitted
  • The landowners and representatives of Forestry and Land Scotland will be attending the meeting, so it is imperative that all riders and attendants follow the SACU and ACU. code of conduct.
  • Naturally, course cutting, abuse of officials, foul language, and failure to comply with officials. Will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Blocking any access roads, for any reason, will result in disqualification.
  • Please keep dogs on leads
  • No fires.


Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen.

Please comply with all instructions of marshals and notices and remain in permitted areas only