The REME Enduro

Round 6 & 7 of the ACU   British Timecard Enduro Championship. 16th/ 17th September 2017

Canonbie, Gretna   ACU Permit No. ACU – 51283
Location – Solwaybank, Canonbie, Gretna DG14 0XS


Entry is now closed






A National Enduro for solo machines to be held under the National Sporting code of the ACU, the 2017 Standing Enduro Regulations, the following Supplementary Regulations and any final Instructions which may be issued. This event will be Round 6 & 7 of the ACU British Timecard Enduro Championship – regulations for the Championship will apply.



Clerk of the Course             Craig Altass Licence 120290

Secretary of the Meeting    Caroline Thomson  40 Gallowhill Road, Kirkintilloch, G66 4A

SACU Licence 16 8406            Tel   07900 361 876


Event Director

ACU lic 166488 Forestry

ACU Steward                       TBA

SACU Steward                   TBA

Chief Machine Examiner   Philip Cooper

Safety Officer                        Steve Carroll

Timing                                    Jessica Hockly




All riders must be members of a National Club and hold a current ACU or SACU competition licence. Any other riders, including Irish participants must obtain personal accident insurance, produce a licence issued by their FMN and a start permission letter confirming they are licensed and have personal accident insurance.  Proof of club membership and Competition licences will be required at signing on. One Event Licences, if required cost £15 this must be paid in advance along with the entry fee. Entry fees will only be refunded (less 10% administration charge) in the event of cancellation of the event or a valid medical certificate or mechanical failure.



Entries.  Completed entry forms and indemnity sheets must be returned to the Secretary of the Meeting together with the entry fee of: £145 +£15 One Event Licence, if required payable by cheque or postal order to DSEME Central Bank. Or enter via


  • Opening Date for entries 31st. July.
  • Closing Date for entries September– Or when entries full.


Priority will be given to Championship, Expert and Clubman riders up to two weeks before the closing date. All entries will be held in order of receipt in subclass. All sportsman entries will be held until the closing date and used to fill the entry list, all Sportsman entries will be notified by e-mail after the closing date.

All entries will only be accepted on an official entry form or from online entry system.

— No entries will be accepted after the closing date. Saturday 2nd. September —


Start / Finish. The start area will be at Solwaybank Estate, Canonbie. DG14 0XS and will be signed from the Junction 21, M74.

First Rider away at 10.00am Saturday.


Sign On. Riders must sign on first before presenting machines for scrutineering. From 10:00am to 18:00pm on the 15th September. Any riders who cannot sign on at this time must arrange with the organisers in advance (Caroline 07900 361876) to sign on before 8:00am on the 16th September.


Transponders.  These will be provided by the event organiser. All riders will be required to leave a deposit of either £20 or a valid ACU or SACU licence. The deposit is refundable on return of the transponder at the end of the event or on retirement.


Machine Examination. As per ESR7, riders must present their machines for examination on Friday 15th September between 10:00am and 18:00pm. Any rider who is unable to present their machine at this time must arrange with Caroline Thomson in advance to scrutineer their machine on the 16h September before 8:00am. Only a very limited number of machines will be allowed to scrutineer on the 16th. September and will be subject to 20 penalty points as per ACU regulations.


Machine Marking. Championship and Expert riders will have marked parts as per the 2017 British Time Card Enduro Regulations.


Sound.  As per ESR10 -Only the 2 metre max test method will be used All machines will be subject to sound testing.

Failure to stop for a sound test will result in disqualification.


Tyres. Front and Rear – Enduro type – to FIM Specification road legal. No MX tires allowed.


Rider Numbers. Riders will be provided numbers and backgrounds displaying the event sponsors logo.


Classes. Championship, Expert, Clubman, Ladies, OV40/veterans, OV50/veterans, Sportsman


U23. Note there is an U23 (must be U23 on Jan 1st of year of competition) included within the Championship and Expert classes. Rider MUST indicate on Entry form if they are eligible for this


Capacity Classes


  • E1 2 strokes up to 125cc E1 4 strokes   up to 250cc
  • E2 2 strokes over 125cc to 250 cc E2 4 strokes   over 250cc to 450cc
  • E3 2 strokes over 250cc E3 4 strokes   over 450cc


Start Order.    Championship class riders from preceding rounds will start in order of the position they hold in the current championship.

Expert E1, E2, E3, Clubman E1,E2,E3, Ladies, OV40/veteran, OV50/veteran Sportsman,    E1 being split into 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke  Please ensure correct class, subclass and stroke are on the entry form


Special Test(s). It is intended that competitors will ride 2 tests per lap however the final location and number of test(s) will be detailed in the final instructions. We anticipate that spectator parking will be available at the test location(s) determined by the weather. The test(s) will be timed on all laps. The test(s) will be available for inspection from 12:00am on the 15th. September.


Route.  The course will consist of farm land, moorland, forestry tracks and trails. The number of laps and lap mileage will be announced at signing on along with the check times. The Day 2 course will be the reverse of Day 1.


Security. Competitors must be aware that security of their vehicles and property is their own responsibility at all times. Please ensure you have adequate insurance to protect your possessions.


Closed Control (Parc Ferme).  There will be no Parc Ferme at this event, security of motorcycles is the responsibility of the rider at all times.


Refuelling.  Environmental Mats should be used whilst refuelling machines (ESR 32 and 33) Each Service crew should have a fire extinguisher, in addition organisers should supply a fire extinguisher at each service point. (ESR 32) Blue Tape –any part of the route marked by Blue Tape is considered a restricted speed area and competitors must travel at walking pace or less in these area (ESR 23)


Power Washing. There will be no power washing allowed in the service area or in the parking area. This includes Sunday when the event is finished. Penalty is Disqualification.


Unauthorised access. Only signed on competitors/officials will be allowed on the course. No support riders will be permitted.


Time Cards.   Enduro rule 3.12 (b)


“ The onus rests with the riders to present a time card to the Time Check Official in a flat and legible condition”


Due to the number of time checks we suggest that the time card be kept in a card pocket to preserve the legibility of the times. Repeated folding of cards makes it difficult to reads times recorded.



Warning – Motor Sport Can Be Dangerous

Despite the organisers taking all reasonable PRECAUTIONS, unavoidable accidents can happen. Please comply with all instructions
of the marshalls and remain in permitted areas only

They are concerned with your safety



We hope you have a very enjoyable and safe event. If you have any queries please contact the organisers.


This event would not run without the help and permission of landowner– please keep the land tidy and respect the country code. 






For accommodation in the Gretna Area please check the following hotels below, there are also lots of B&B’s in the Canonbie and Carlisle but book now as the weekends is always very busy. There will also be camping available at the start finish area. No Parc Ferme security will be available – so lock up your bikes.



Premier Inn, Kingstown Road, Carlisle, CA3 0AT.


Premier Inn, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle, CA3 0JR.


Greens at Gretna, Glasgow Road, Gretna Green, DG16 5FG


Hazeldene Hotel,Main Street, Gretna Green, DG16 5EA


Days Inn Hotel, Gretna Green Service Area, Gretna Green, DG16 5HQ.


Visit Scotland – the official Scottish Tourist Board Site

Tel: 0845 859 1006