BIC Rally

Event Sponsors RORS and MotoJoe

Central Park near Eddleston Peebles.

Saturday 25th May 2024 – Practice Day. Track open from 10:30am to 4:30pm Permit 016093

Youth Entry £15, Adult Entry £30

Sunday 26th May 2024 – Youth Championship Hare and Hound Permit 016094

Youth Entry £30, Adult Entry £50

One Event Licence, £5 for the Practice Day only, £15 for Hare and Hound or both days

Sunday Races:

  • 60 Minute auto and youth novice fun race starting at 10am
    • Parents who have entered the support class will be invited to follow kids around the loop as travelling Marshals.
  • 90 Minute championship youth race starting at 11:30am
  • 2 Hour adult support race starting at 1:30pm
    • Can include 14 & 15 year olds on full size bikes looking to try the longer race.
    • Aimed at entry level and Sportsman riders

Regs will be as per the SACU H&H youth series regs with the addition of two classes for 10 am youth novice fun race only


  • 6-8 years for 50cc Autos – Limited to specified rounds
  • 7-10 years for 65cc – Limited to specified rounds
  • 9-12 years for 85cc (or 150cc four stroke) Small Wheels
  • 11-14 years for 85cc Big Wheels – machines must be a minimum of 70cc and a maximum of 85cc (or 150cc four stroke engine) and electric bikes up to 12Kw measured at the rear wheel. -Wheel size maximum 16 inch rear and 19 inch front.
  • 13-17 years for the 125cc 2-stroke (youth open) – machines must be a minimum of 80cc and a maximum of 150cc and electric bikes up to 10bhp measured at the rear wheel.

Additional – for 10 am youth novice fun race only:

  • Mini’s class for 50cc auto.
  • Junior class for ages 5 to 9, Kuberg or Oset up to Oset 20 or similar,

We’ll only be accepting online entries One Event Licences are available, Paid online only, at time of entering.

With a separate track for autos and youth novice riders on the Saturday the 2 tracks will be linked up for the race day on Sunday to make a 10 to 15 minute loop for most riders. Track is made up from the disused motocross track and a trail around the perimeter over rough grazing land with some Enduro obstacles ditches and logs etc.

There will be easy options past most obstacles as the event is aimed primarily at youth riders and casual/occasional adults riders for the support class.

We will call on our adult expert and clubman friends to help Marshall and keep the kids going. Adults who haven’t raced before this is a perfect one to start on nice flowing course and lots of opportunities to have a rest and drinks with a fairly short and very do-able (some might even say easy) 15 minute lap for most riders.

SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS (please keep this info)

Venue: – Central Park nr Eddleston Peebles.

(Nearest post code is EH458RB but will take you to wrong Farm – you can see the track entry from the Tarmac)

Overnighting: Not avalible at the moment

No food truck on site

Paramedics and support ATV on Sunday, Organisers with first aid training available throughout weekend

Sign on: Saturday 9am, Sunday 8:30am

Machines should be brought to start line 15mins before start time

Although there will be no formal scrutineering, we reserve the right to withhold the right to start if a motorcycle is deemed to be unsafe

Entries & Fees:- Will not be returned unless the event is cancelled or a rider gives a valid reason for not riding at least 3 days prior to the event. In such cases £10 may be deducted to cover costs.  Any rider not signing on, on the day, without good reason will forfeit his entry fee in full.

Helmets: – Gold or silver A.C.U. current stamped helmets must be worn.

Hemet and body cameras are not permitted, cameras secured to bikes are permitted.

Machines:-Must be clearly numbered on front and side panels. Recognised brands only and no pit bikes as manufacturing standards are less likely to meet the SACU safety, technical and noise requirements. Engine noise must not exceed 94 dba. There will be no restriction on tyre type.

Refuelling: –Will be restricted to an area designated for refuelling and will be marked by  green flags. No smoking will be permitted in or near this area. Engines must be stopped during refuelling.  All riders must provide a fire extinguisher and environmental mat. No fuelling in parking area after the event has started.

Concussion :-“I undertake to notify the club of any recent (within the last 23 days) concussion injury and will produce a doctor’s note to state I am able to compete in the event” .The Doctors note to state “The rider is no longer suffering the consequences of concussion”



Do not ride your bikes in the pits without helmets and only at walking pace.

Please be respectful to each other and all Club officials, remember we’re all volunteers


Secretary of the meeting – Caroline Thomson

SACU Steward – Sandy Mack

Timing – Sandy Mack

Clerk of the Course- Kevin Murray

Chief Marshall – Iain Bell