Elgin Endurance Club

Elgin Endurance Club
SACU 2018 Championship Hare & Hound

Sponsored by Highland Temporary Works Ltd

Venue: Birkenhill Wood & Linkwood Farm, Nr Elgin, IV30 8RQ.

(Signed and arrowed from the A96 at the last roundabout on the Eastern side of Elgin)
Date: Sunday 21st of October 2018      SACU Championship Permit No: 18 – 131



Signing on / Scrutineering: 08.30am Start: 11.00am

The Youth Event will run from 9:00 to 10:30
Organised under the rules of the SACU and the 2018 Standing Regulations of the ACU for Hare and Hounds events, together with these Supplementary Regulations.



Steward: J Ballantyne Clerk of Course: Kevin Gauld Secretary: Caroline Thomson.


Eligibility: (Expert), (Over 40‘s), (Clubman), (Clubman B), (Over 50’s), (Sportsman),
Riders aged 16 & 17 must have their entry accompanied by a signed Parental Agreement Form.

Entry Fees: The entry fee is £45 and a further £15 if a day licence is required.

Signing On: Commences at 08.30am. Competition licences must be shown.

One event licences are available.

Scrutineering: Will be carried out under SACU Hare & Hound Regulations. Riders are to present themselves to the scrutineers with helmet, and their machine. All machines must be clean.

Goggles: No goggle Tear Offs allowed in Enduro or Hare and Hound events. See 2018 Standing Regs. Riders may use Roll offs but – must collect any damaged roll off to prevent injury to livestock.

Race Start: Commences at 11.00 am. All machines should be brought to the starting line 15 minutes before the start time. The race start is mounted with dead engine, dropped Saltire flag will signal start. Experts first away then Over 40’s, Clubman and so on.

Race Duration: 3 hours. Ties will be decided upon number of laps completed and riders on the same lap will be placed in the order in which they took the chequered flag

Lap Scoring: All riders must pass through the chicane at the end of each lap at walking pace to allow lap scoring. This will be a ―Blue Taped area – walking pace and marked as such. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure their number is clean at the gate.

Refuelling/Repairs: Can only be allowed in the designated PITS/REFUELLING area. Every competitor should have a fire extinguisher adjacent to his fuel. Engines must be stopped while refuelling – an environmental mat should be used while the machine is at a standstill & fuelling. Only riders, officials and 2 authorized helpers per rider are allowed in the pits & refuelling area.


Exclusion Penalties: Smoking in Refuelling Area, refuelling with engine running, refuelling other than in Refuelling Area, Course cutting or riding in opposite direction to the course, outside assistance except in Refuelling Area, Changing Machine during event and Excessive speed in Lap Scoring Area.


Results: Will be posted on and www.scottishenduros.co.uk