Griffin Supplementary Regulations 2015

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SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS (please keep this info)
VENUE :- Griffin Forest off the A826 Aberfeldy to Crieff road. 4 miles south of Aberfeldy
Ground courtesy of UPM Tilhill Economic Forestry
Scrutineering :- 9.00 AM, Start 10.30 AM
DATE :- Sunday 27th September 2015
COURSE :- Forest and forestry tracks, marked with arrows. Number of laps and schedule will be given on the day. Lap will be approx 20 miles. Marked with orange arrows, sportsmen loops with yellow arrows.
TEST :- This will be a Cross Country Type. Start will be marked AA, end will be marked BB. Test is available to be walked from 3pm Saturday test is a distance from start/finish area
MACHINES :- Must be clearly numbered on front and side panels (with correct colour front and side backgrounds, Red/green Expert, Yellow Clubman, Blue Over 40, Black with white numbers Sports) , engine noise must not exceed 94 dba. There will be no restriction on tyre type.
PARC FERME :- Machines must not be started or worked on in the Parc Ferme.
REFUELLING :- Will be restricted to an area designated for refuelling and will be marked by green flags. No smoking will be permitted in or near this area. Engines must be stopped during refuelling. All riders must provide a fire extinguisher and environmental mat.
HELMETS :- Gold or silver A.C.U. current stamped helmets must be worn, and be presented at scrutineering.
I.D. Discs :- Must be worn giving name, date of birth and blood group if known.
No Powerwashing allowed at the event. Penalty – EXCLUSION !!
No Fishing
Please no tear offs
PENALTIES Starting engine before starting signal is given. 60
Lost or illegible time card 60
Failure to start engine within 60 secs. of start signal
and cross 20m line 20
Early arrival at time check – for every full minute 60
(Except the final check of the day.)
Special test ( 1 sec = 1 point ) 1
Exceeding walking pace in blue tape area Exclusion
Powerwashing Exclusion
Course cutting or any other very dodgy practices Exclusion

OFFICIALS Secretary of the meeting Caroline Thomson
SACU Steward J. Ballantyne
Clerk of the Course Ian Little
Assistant C Of C TBA
Chief Scrutineer Atholl Cameron
Chief Marshall Phil Hewitt