I’m excited to apply for this role within reconciliations, I wish to progress my career within Lloyds and I feel I have the transferable skills necessary to do well in this role. I currently work in Connect at Atlantic Quay within mobile messaging and I have 3 years’ experience in the business. I focused on my development this and last year and I’m proud to come out with a strong performer last year and hope to continue my development within this new role.

I have experience carrying out investigations through my role in online complaints. In this team we would receive a customer’s complaint as an email. We would investigate the issue and find a proposed resolution before calling the customer, implementing the resolution and logging the complaint on resolve. During my time in online complaints I had a case where a customer’s statements were still being sent to a wrong address despite the residential and correspondence address being correct. I needed to ensure I followed our risk processes so that the GDPR breach was appropriately recorded on the complaint. I made use of my contacts in customer services and the change of address team in Andover to track down the issue to the clubs and society’s system holding the old address. I was then able to call the customer with a resolution to the complaint which the customer was happy with. I then shared the scenario with my team and network of contacts to speed up resolutions for future customers.

I have built and maintained a network of stakeholders and colleagues I can call on through my roles in connect within complaints, Best bank connectors, and the project team for my current role within mobile messaging. Within Best bank connectors I have the chance to communicate with areas of the business not necessarily in touch with Connect. I had been helping with a communication update for Connect advisors about keeping customers updated on the status of their mobile branch van. Through this I got in touch with one of the project leads for the mobile branches who I then met at Helping Britain Prosper. We discussed the use cases of customers calling connect to check and track their mobile branch and how information could be communicated between the two parts of the business. Having made this relationship, I then was able to contact them again as part of a complaint case I was dealing with to understand how the mobile branch handles large cash deposits.

I have strong problem solving skills which I used under demanding timescales under my last two roles in online complaints and mobile messaging. In online complaints I was one the few colleagues who was trusted to manage our mail box including screening and assigning cases to advisors. Doing this I would need to prioritise certain complaints to fit within different SLAs as well as customers preferences. I had a period of time with a large amount of cases which I needed to screen and allocate to advisors to get 2 calls within timescales. To do this I sought out all complaints which needed calls before 12 to be screened first bringing on another colleague to help do this. Screening was necessary to check the case was something our department was able to deal with. I allocated each complaint when I could and I regularly checked in with colleagues to ensure they were getting though their workload and updating them consistently on what complaints to prioritise. I worked in this way methodically throughout the day, all deadlines were met on complaints and I completed a positive handover to colleague in for late shift with all complaints which had come in so far checked and categorised for the evening.

I am a go to currently for coaching other colleagues. I am a classroom coach within connect taking new to the bank colleagues through their first weeks of learning and cadets on the phone. As part of mobile messaging I have also participated in training new colleagues on this service, traveling to Pendeford to coach the advisors during first days on messaging.

I also often get the opportunity to do TM support within my current role during times of absence and during staff shortages for late night shifts in mobile messaging. I use this time to run calibrations of messages and do one to one coaching in the moment. In the most recent occasion of doing TM support identified one of my colleagues average response time was more than the peer group. I looked to identify why this was and try to offer support and coaching to improve the response time. When sitting beside the colleague I noticed they had several windows open with different pre written responses and spent allot of time re writing things. The colleague was openly frustrated with their computer skills. While the colleague was off shift I spent time making an indexed document for their pre written responses. When they were next in we took time to update these responses and add them to the document I made. After going back onto chat using the document I checked back with the colleague to see that things had improved and they felt any more at ease with less windows open. Monitoring this over time the average response time increased.

I am used to prioritising my work load to benefit my customers. In mobile messaging I can handle 5 active chats at a time. When taking to multiple customers I need to consider each of the customers’ needs and queries and what I can compete most efficiently and which customers may need more time. I have had an instance when I had 2 customers among 5, one which wanted to dispute a credit card payment, and the other which wanted to log a Direct Debit indemnity. As I can only have 1 set of customers details on the screen at a time I could only log one claim while the other customers waited. To improve the experience as the credit card dispute required more information, I grouped the questions and information I needed for the claim and sent this, while awaiting for a response I logged the indemnity claim for the other customer. This provided a more efficient service for both customers rather than causing one to wait more than the other.

I have built my technical knowledge and understanding of the bank over the years and different departments I have worked in. I am quick at picking up new systems and working with these efficiently in part from studying IT and databases while at university. I participate in improvement initiatives in connect through Best Bank Connectors. Through this I receive fountain updates, training packs, and communications before they are published so that I can provide feedback to make sure things are clear when communicated to colleagues. I will also act as a point of contact for change teams and provide front line experience valuable to implementing changes. This includes the current high cost of credit changes effecting the banking industry where I have been providing feedback on how the overdraft changes were received from 2017. Through mobile messaging I provide feedback on how our automated service and chat bot handles queries. I highlight when the bot miss understands the customer’s message and provides an irrelevant answer or suggest improved stock messages provided by the chat message.

In my roles I have been flexible in committing to different duties, balancing outbound complaint calls and inbound service calls. As well now balancing Mobile messaging chats and inbound service calls as demand shifts. In mobile messaging there are often times when customer demand is higher on different brands or skill sets. To meet this demand, I have completed rapid up skills on several skills including internet banking, everyday offers, and credit cards. Taking on these additional skills has helped me answer more of my customers queries at first touch both on messaging and service calls, but it also helps the business balance demand.